The LMI Story

Elizabeth B. Juliano In 1984, Elizabeth B. Juliano launched Litigation Management, Inc. (LMI). Working alone initially, Juliano provided medical summaries for clients in Cleveland and eventually across the country. While working in the legal industry and observing the difficulty lawyers had coordinating and analyzing all the medical data necessary to successfully resolve claims and lawsuits involving medical allegations, Juliano recognized the need for legal counsel to have fast accurate medical summaries, and formed LMI. The creation of LMI gave birth to the ever-changing medical information management industry of today.

Opportunity came to LMI when Juliano won the bid to manage all of the medical records affiliated with the thousands of cases across the country against Dow Corning and the company's silicone breast implants. Managing its first national mass tort project provided LMI and Juliano the opportunity for a valuable insight: though both are focused on the same litigation, the information requirements of law firms and in house counsel can be very different.

LMI continues to rely on this same insight and experience in the management of its current projects.

Since its founding, LMI has remained the industry leader in providing cutting-edge services surrounding the management of the medical aspects of litigation.