LMI Sight

LMI helps clients stay organized and up to date with our propriety, medical information repository, LMISight®. The LMISight® medical information management system combines LMI technology with medical litigation experience to provide secure, effective and cost saving administrative efficiencies to the management of litigation. The system is specially designed to store critical information on all cases in a single location, allowing the legal team to stay informed on case status, pending deadlines, record collection progress, and work product updates. The system offers the following benefits:

  • 24/7 online availability to LMI work products by all legal team members. No need to copy and distribute multiple hard copies each time a change is made.
  • Easy retrieval of imaged medical records via embedded hyperlinks. No more searching through file folders for specific records, or managing stacks of hard-copy records.
  • Critical information on all cases in a single location. This helps you and your team stay informed on case status, pending deadlines, record collection progress, and work product updates.
  • Easy access to other non-medical documents that can be sorted and searched, allowing for analysis across all cases and phases of the litigation. This allows your team to spot trends or inconsistencies that could offer insight as the litigation progresses.
  • Case information is secure. Extensive security guidelines comply with HIPAA and client privacy and confidentiality requirements.

LMISight® includes the following features:

  • Advanced security features that grant or deny certain functionality to a group of users.
  • 24/7 access to work product that is hyperlinked to the supporting documents.
  • Download all LMI work products and referenced records (separately or linked) to your own computer or office system for off-line work on the go.
  • Sort and view case information by parameters of your choice, including by plaintiff or by jurisdiction. For national litigation, cases can also be sorted and viewed by state, region or province.
  • The ability to aggregate custom-coded medical information into standard and ad hoc reports.

A full demonstration of LMISight® may be arranged at counsel's request and convenience. Please contact our office at 800-778-5424 or via email at demo@lmisight.com

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