Staff makeup

LMI has long recognized that our people make the difference and we are pleased to provide an extensive and versatile collection of talent to our clients. Our staff is comprised of medical, legal, healthcare and IT industry specialists.

Our Client Services, Case Management and Record Management teams include attorneys and senior level paralegals with significant litigation experience. Each team member has considerable project management expertise, ensuring every client and project receives complete attention. Additionally, the Record Acquisition team includes attorneys, paralegals and allied health professionals - the wealth of knowledge shared on this team ensures accuracy through all aspects of the record collection process.

Our Medical Division consists of Registered Nurses (BSN) as well as Physicians, Certified Physician's Assistants and Allied Health professionals who lend particular expertise in selected fields. A number of LMI's medical staff members hold dual and/or advanced degrees and credentials, i.e. MD, DO, MSN/MBA, RN/LNC, BSN/JD, etc.