LMI Project Management

The need for legal project management has never been greater, yet few vendors are skilled in actually managing projects. LMI’s Project Management processes help counsel efficiently move litigation towards the desired resolution.

LMI’s Project Management processes leverage experience, collectively and that of each participant, to create a value based strategy that is flexible and malleable. This allows the most accurate processes to be applied based on litigation size. These processes are designed to support law firms and, ultimately, corporate clients achieve better business outcomes. Recognizing the crucial need to keep case information methodical and orderly, LMI executives took what they learned from 30 years of experience in defense of mass tort litigations, and developed systems and software that enable clients to have a turn-key, cost-effective case management system.

At the start of a relationship with a client, a LMI Project Manager is assigned. This individual has significant project management and client services experience. The Project Manager is tasked with keeping the project on its agreed-to track, as well as ensuring counsel’s needs are met and expectations are exceeded. Many LMI Project Managers are attorneys or senior-level paralegals with a wide variety of litigation experience.

These individuals will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions. Responsibilities of the LMI Project Manager include:
  • New matter set-up
  • Create and maintain user accounts for the LMI Exchange™, LMISight®, LMISuite®and LMIDashboard® data management systems
  • Ensure deadlines are met
  • Keep the legal team informed of the status of the work being performed
  • Monitor and report on Service Level Agreements
  • Monitor and report on budget status and prepare cost saving slides Identify process improvements that result in cost reductions or improved work products

LMI knows that, throughout the claims and litigation process, keeping documents organized, accessible and up-to-date can be a time consuming and costly challenge. Documents and data are stored in and accessible to all or select members of the legal team via LMISuite®. LMISuite® assists clients with compiling and distilling statistical case data, further enhancing the ability to successfully manage the matter at hand.