Centralized Data Exchange Platform Case Study


This case study focuses on the benefits of a neutral third-party service provider and centralized data exchange platform to efficiently exchange large volumes of discovery data and ultimately achieve timely and cost-effective matter resolution. A centralized source for sharing data, as well as customized reports and analytics, provide parties, judges and mediators with powerful visibility into case and claim trends, which can ultimately lead to an effective settlement strategy.


Approximately 1,500 claimants were alleging various personal and economic injuries associated with the use of a cosmetic consumer product. Defendants included two product manufacturers, along with their respective general liability insurance carriers. Claimants had not yet filed actual lawsuits and the parties had agreed to attempt resolution via mediation prior to filing complaints.

LMI was contacted by defense counsel for one of the product manufacturers, as the parties needed a neutral third party to provide an online platform for the exchange of discovery documents and data, as well as general litigation support services for efficient and cost-effective matter resolution. The online platform required separate websites, servers and support personnel for each party, as well as customized access capabilities for the defendants’ insurers, as well as the mediator. 


Working with all parties, LMI created a custom platform to capture claimant fact sheet data points, which would be entered directly into a secure online portal by claimants and approved by claimant counsel before submission to defense counsel. The platform allowed for the uploading of multiple required supporting file types, including audio, PDF, video, photo, and Word documents, as well as multiple iterations of the fact sheet (deficiency cure attempts and supplement fact sheets for specific claimant categories).

As data was entered into the discovery exchange platform, real-time analytics were generated, providing data and insight within and across claimants, such as: total number of submitted/outstanding fact sheets (and required supporting documents), potential deficiencies, and trends regarding alleged injuries and verification of product use. A built-in deficiency review tool allowed deficiencies, as well as supplemental fact sheets, to be identified, cured and submitted. In total, LMI successfully processed over 32,408 files for the matter.

LMI utilized proprietary and robust security and user-access protocols to ensure that each claimant, counsel, party, insurer and mediator accessed the right documents and data at the right time. LMI also developed customized iPad tools for plaintiff counsel and the mediator to enable more efficient claimant tracking. 

Powerful analytics and reports allowed the parties to quickly identify potentially meritless claims, triage claimants based upon injury type and severity, identify trends across the entire claimant inventory, and ultimately resolve the matter in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


For matters involving a large volume of claimants or plaintiffs, an online discovery exchange platform can provide the following benefits:

  • Efficient capturing of key claimant/plaintiff data points, as well as supporting documents/files.
  • A secure means of sharing and accessing appropriate documents and data – with only the right data being shared with the right parties at the right time.
  • Powerful analytics and dashboards provide insight into potentially meritless claims, case and claim trends, and effective triaging protocols for bellwether trial selections or mediation/settlement pools. 

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