Transform complex information into visual and interactive insights.

In matters ranging from single cases to mass torts, LMI’s litigation management software provides a secure environment to manage and access data, documents, and processes.

AI-Powered Litigation Management Software

LMI uses proprietary AI-powered technology to deliver powerful analytics empowering you to make decisions quickly and confidently.   

LMI’s litigation management software continues to evolve as data is ingested. Our internal workflows adapt and learn as more data is delivered.

Automated Medical Record Management

LMI’s litigation management software has processed hundreds of millions of pages of medical records and continues to ingest more daily. As a result, LMI can provide:  

  • Chronological medical record organization
  • Document categorization features 
  • Search capabilities to locate specific pieces of information on all available pages 
  • Insight into the record collection process
  • Automated management of the complete record collection and medical record review process
  • Barcodes for efficient record request tracking
  • Hyperlinked medical records for quick and seamless navigation 

Litigation Data Analytics

Litigation data is the information about the litigation captured in a quantifiable manner that will help defense counsel, plaintiff counsel, judges, and experts reach resolution efficiently. As the litigation progresses the focus can change. Having access to visual and interactive data is the key to a strong strategy.

Data Visualization and Interactive Dashboards

Complex litigation provides an extraordinary amount of data. Having the information displayed visually makes reviewing the data easy. Interactive dashboards and reports empower users to revisualize data in different ways in real time. Features include graphical depictions of data with the ability to filter and drill down to see additional details.

Litigation Reporting Examples
  • Heat Mapping
  • Geographical Representation
  • Injury Verification Categorization
  • Injury Allegations
  • Injury Types
  • Budget Allocation
  • And More

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