Case & Claims Management in Litigation 

LMI can help you stay organized with secure, efficient, and cost-effective means of managing claims and legal matters. Our customizable, online case and claims management platforms are designed to serve as a central location for storing and sharing documents and data, within and across matters. Our tools are designed to streamline processes and help all parties remain informed on case/claim status, pending deadlines and more. Clients have the ability to store and search on a wide variety of variables, such as:

  • Attorney work product
  • Calendar information
  • Case or claim information
  • Coordinated state and federal proceedings
  • Documents
  • Party information
  • Product information
  • Significant case events

There are many case management systems that house litigation-specific information. LMI’s customizable and proprietary online system, LM[I]Suite®, was designed so that information and documents – within and across cases, and within and across matters – are interconnected and housed in one centralized location. Document libraries allow for secure sharing of documents and work products, as well as tracking of document version history.

LMI also employs a full staff of case management specialists who are well-versed in reviewing and coding legal documents in a consistent manner, which allows for quick information and document retrieval, as well as generation of matter analytics and reports.  

Settlement Support 

LMI has worked with a number of settlement and claims administrators to provide claims administration support for mass torts and personal-injury matters. We can assemble previously collected medical records and/or acquire additional documents and forms necessary for claims administrators to render eligibility determinations or otherwise resolve claims.  We are also able to provide first-pass reviews of claim/settlement documents (medical records, etc.) to verify injuries, confirm product usage, or identify contributing risk factors.

LMI can provide settlement audit services to assist parties and/or claims administrators in the accurate capture of data and classification of claims. Settlement audit services include claims package audits, eligibility audits, claim valuation/points audits, and extraordinary claim reviews (identifying contributing risk factors and/or conducting claimed damages assessments).