LMI Dashboard


Analytics & Decision Support

The LMIDashboard® decision support system is the primary tool for delivering litigation intelligence via standard and ad hoc metrics and reports. The LMIDashboard®provides counsel with "state of the litigation" information that may be shared with some or all members of the legal team. Each dashboard is fully customizable to meet the requirements of the litigation at hand. 

LMIDashboard® Features: 

The information contained in the dashboard is typically high-level data pertaining to analytics such as: 

  • The total number of plaintiffs and cases in a litigation 
  • The growth rate of the litigation 
  • A breakdown of the plaintiff population by alleged injury 
  • Plaintiff counsel information 
  • Jurisdictional summaries for each jurisdiction within the litigation 

Dashboard reporting capability provides executive management and insurers with details about total case counts and liability exposure. 

LMIDashboard® Benefits: 

  • At-a-glance access to real time analytics, including the number of matters filed, the number of matters filed by jurisdiction, and the number of injuries by severity level. 
  • Dashboards may be customized per matter, as well as accessed and shared with all (or select) members of the legal team. 
  • Dashboards feature customized forecasting metrics; analytics can be displayed in data form, as well as through the use of graphics (pie charts, bar graphs, maps, etc.). 
  • File share area may be used in place of a File Transfer Program (FTP) site to security deliver and exchange information and reports.