Case & Document Management

Throughout the matter resolution process, keeping documents organized, accessible, and up-to-date can be a time-consuming and costly challenge. Recognizing the crucial need to keep case information methodical and orderly, LMI executives took what they learned from nearly 40 years of experience in the management of mass tort claims and litigation, and developed systems and software that enable clients to have a turn-key, cost-effective case management system. 

LMISuite® Features: 

Users can access and search on a wide range of variables, such as: 

  • Plaintiff (and claimant) information 
  • Case (and claim) information 
  • Coordinated state and federal proceedings 
  • Documents and filings 
  • Expert information 
  • Attorney work product 
  • Calendar information and significant case events 

LMISuite® was designed so that information and documents – within and across cases, and within and across matters – are interconnected and housed in one centralized location. Users have the ability to “drill down” and thoroughly search for pertinent information across all document levels and types. LMISuite® also features the ability to aggregate custom-coded case information into standard and ad hoc reports. 

LMISuite® Benefits: 

  • Secure access via security levels that can be customized to limit access to cases and/or specific documents based upon counsel and staff assignments. 
  • Ability to queue counsel's responsibility of answering Complaints, pleadings and discovery responses based on deadlines set forth in case management orders. 
  • Ability to execute Google-like, free-text searches within all documents across the entire litigation. 
  • Ability to track significant and relevant events as they pertain to a case, plaintiff or litigation. 
  • Reporting and file share area provide a secure alternative to sharing ad hoc reports rather than distributing reports via un-secure email. 
  • Custom coding of documents per litigation, which requires less IT startup time than traditional matter/case management software solutions 


Data Analytics & Decision Support

The LMIDashboard® decision support system is the primary tool for delivering litigation intelligence via standard and ad hoc metrics and reports. The LMIDashboard® provides counsel with "state of the litigation" information that may be shared with some or all members of the legal team. Each dashboard is fully customizable to meet the requirements of the litigation at hand.