LMI DataLens

Take OCR to the Next Level with Technology Assisted Medical Record Review

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical record review in the resolution of injury-related claims and litigation with LMI DataLens™. 

Practice Areas: Mass Torts, Toxic Torts, Product Liability, Class Actions, Insurance

How does the medical record review technology work?

  • Upload claimant/plaintiff medical files including demographic information and alleged injuries, etc.
  • Uploaded records are OCRed and Bates numbered 
  • AI-powered data recognition will compile information from the records and streamline record review by identifying and capturing specific data points
  • Platform will deliver powerful data analytics in an interactive dashboard 

Medical Chronology Software: Simple and Efficient

Enhanced Search Features
Search a claimant/plaintiff file for specific terms (injury, product use, provider names), or across the entire claimant/plaintiff population.

Document Flagging
Pages without OCR data (such as handwritten records) are flagged for manual review.

Get medical records reviewed quickly and accurately 

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