LMI Exchange

Centralized Data Exchange Platform

LMI Exchange™ is a customizable, secure, online environment for sharing fact sheets and discovery questionnaires, as well as supporting documents and files. 

LMI Exchange™ Features: 

  • Respondent information is free of common deficiencies, saving time and adding value. 
  • Real-time insights accessible during data collection enable early case assessment or claim verification. 
  • Collaborative access provides transparency while ensuring the right parties have access to the right data at the right time. 

The LMI Exchange™ platform is ideal for parties on both sides of the bar — in-house counsel, law firms, insurers, judges, experts, and more — who are involved in large-scale claims, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. With a fully customizable interface and trusted security features, our system provides a transparent, collaborative, and streamlined means to acquire claimant and plaintiff information in a 24/7 accessible, web-hosted portal. Permissions and security levels ensure parties only see the records they are supposed to, while a robust dashboard provides real-time insights on record collection status. Automated work queues, calendaring features, and deadline tracking capabilities keep all parties organized, efficient, and on task. 

When combined with LMI's other services — such as record collection, medical analysis, and mass tort management consulting — users can feel confident the information provided is free of deficiencies, which saves time and adds value. Plus, custom data sorting features allow for early case assessment that can provide the determining factors in case strategy or allow for early dismissal of unsupported claims. 

LMI Exchange™ Benefits: 

  • LMI Exchange™ provides a transparent, collaborative and streamlined system to acquire claimant and plaintiff information in a 24/7 accessible, web-hosted portal. 
  • The cost-effective platform is fully customizable and versatile with the ability to integrate with other case or data management platforms. 
  • With trusted security features, you can feel confident that your data is protected from outside breaches and attacks. 
  • Our exceptional customer service and technical support team are there for you every step of the way.