About LMI

Litigation Management, Inc. (LMI) is the industry leader in providing a wide array of superior litigation and case management services that are devoted solely to the defense. Since its founding in 1984, LMI's skilled staff of medical and legal specialists, supported by cutting-edge technology, has provided clients with the resources necessary to support litigation and business strategies. LMI brings the value of litigation expertise, process efficiencies, responsiveness, and innovation to effectively guide clients toward better litigation outcomes.

LMI has earned a solid national reputation for being able to transform complex medical materials into clear and concise information to support the litigation strategies developed by our clients.  LMI's medical and legal document management and analysis services support clients across the entire litigation lifecycle:  from early case analysis and mediation to litigation, settlement and beyond. 

By employing sophisticated, proprietary technology, LMI's staff is able to streamline processes while ensuring quality and consistency across projects.

This translates to an overall decrease in defense costs for LMI's clients. These efficiencies give LMI the ability to provide services for a wide range of litigations. LMI can easily accommodate one stand alone case, a multi district litigation involving hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs, and everything in between.

LMI is Serious Medicine for the Defense.TM