Sonya has been with LMI since the early days, beginning as a Paralegal/Client Representative in 1993, where she learned firsthand the demands of supporting complex litigation. She has distinguished herself through the years as an industry leader in the field of litigation support services, consulting with numerous Fortune 500 and AMLaw 200 law firm clients to help them reduce the overall cost of defending litigation by implementing the appropriate services and customizing technology solutions. She also serves as CEO of Advance Talent, launched in 2016 to provide innovative workforce solutions to the legal and medical industries.

Strategy and focus

Sonya is a client-focused leader who strategically leverages people, processes and technology. As President of LMI, she has kept the company on the leading edge of technology by developing proprietary solutions that have helped clients, streamlined internal operations, reduced costs and improved the quality, speed and security with which projects are implemented. Beyond technological advancements, Sonya has been the driving force behind LMI's diversification and ongoing operational enhancements.