Achieving Accurate Analytics with Plaintiff Fact Sheets in Multidistrict Litigation

What is a Plaintiff Fact Sheet 

Plaintiff Fact Sheets (PFSs) are standardized questionnaire forms used in mass tort and multidistrict litigation to obtain general information about plaintiffs’ claims. They are typically court-approved and created through party collaboration and agreement. 

The PFS form requires a balanced approach to support streamlined, cost-effective discovery while allowing for early case assessment without duplication of efforts later in the process. 

Plaintiff fact sheet can include:

  • Case information 
  • Plaintiff contact information 
  • Background information such as family, education, and employment
  • Medical information related to claim
  • Treating physicians and facilities
  • Medical history
  • Product or exposure information
  • Insurance and financial information

Plaintiff Fact Sheet Formats

Paper Form

This format is managed via mail, fax, email, or secure file transfer and relies on manual entry for reporting. 

Fillable PDF

This format is typically managed via email or secure file transfer. Answer fields must be carefully formatted to achieve accurate reporting. 

Online Centralized Discovery Exchange Platform

This format is managed through a software solution that requires plaintiffs to complete the form directly within the platform. This is the most reliable format for reporting. 

Limitations Using a Fillable PDF for Plaintiff Fact Sheet Data Entry 

Fact sheets are only meaningful if plaintiffs and their counsel devote time and attention at the outset of the litigation. The questions need to be prepared with great precision and attention to the most minute details. 

Though a fillable PDF is a digital format, the form is still bound by the number of fields listed on the form. Edits or additions to how certain questions are answered are not able to be inserted after the form has been created. 

Any additions will have to be added as a supplemental page. These limitations may cause the data to lack normalization, resulting in a potential loss of important reporting capabilities and functions.

Benefits of Using an Online Exchange Platform for Plaintiff Fact Sheet Data Entry in MDLs

Online PFS and discovery exchange platforms can prove invaluable in the management of complex litigation. Platforms allow counsel to require responses to certain questions and assist with mitigating deficiencies. 

Platforms also allow users to control answer field formats, which will normalize data at the outset for improved reporting and analytics. Additionally, sub-questions can be formatted based on how a previous question was answered, thus providing even more sophisticated reporting. 

Analytics and dashboards will provide real-time insight into case and claim trends, bellwether selections, and potential progress toward matter resolution. 

How Can LMI Assist with Plaintiff Fact Sheets in MDLs?

LMI is involved in the majority of pending product Liability liability MDLs and has vast experience in fact sheet management and complex analytics. Request a free consultation with LMI’s team to discuss how to design an effective and efficient discovery exchange platform. Contact us today. 

LMI Exchange™, a centralized data exchange platform, has a fully customizable interface and trusted security features to streamline the acquisition of claimant and plaintiff information in a 24/7 accessible web portal.