Leveraging Medical Record Review Data in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Allegations of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are common in practice areas such as premise liability, insurance defense, and workers’ compensation. Typically, TBIs are usually caused by a blow or other traumatic injury to the head or body as a result of motor vehicle accidents, violence, or falls. These injuries can be complex and are often expensive. 

TBI cases can be severe and complex. These cases typically involve large amounts of medical records from different sources and facilities. The complexity of injury, treatment, and lifetime care are all areas that require research and exploration.

Law firms do not always have the infrastructure or qualified staff to review such complex and voluminous medical records associated with TBIs. To ensure accurate and thorough analysis of medical record data, law firms can benefit from utilizing experienced medical professionals to complete medical record reviews.

The analysis would include reviewing records for the alleged cause of the catastrophic head injury, identifying other factors for potential alternative causations, and a review of the past medical and social history to identify medical alternative causations or past risky behavior. By partnering with a company with experienced medical professionals, law firms can gain a clearer understanding of neuropsychological, psychological, electrodiagnostic, and radiographical data.

Types of Medical Records Reviewed in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

  • Primary Care Physician/Pediatrician Records
  • Emergency Room Visits
  • Neurology or Orthopedic Records 
  • School Records
  • Employment Records

Types of Injuries Medical Professionals Analyze for Potential Alternative Causation

  • Prior concussions/head injuries, including during childhood
  • History of falls or trauma
  • Prior motor vehicle accidents
  • History of violence/assaults
  • Prior psychological, cognitive, and neurological issues
  • History of risky behaviors or substance abuse
  • Delayed or improper medical treatments once the TBI occurs
  • Non-compliance

3 Most Used Medical Record Review Documents in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

List of 3 Most Used Medical Record Review Documents in TBI Cases

1. Medical Chronology

A medical chronology provides a timeline of all allegations related to the TBI. Pertinent information is extracted from the medical records and placed into customized formats determined by the legal team.

Benefits of a medical chronology document in TBI cases

  • The information provided is the explicit facts
  • The document can be started at any time throughout discovery 
  • The document is appropriate for any case size

2. Medical Executive Summary

The information in the summary is tailored to the specific TBI of each case. This document can be used as a stand-alone document or used to supplement a medical chronology.

Benefits of a medical executive summary document in TBI cases

  • The summary highlights the substance of the alleged injury
  • The document provides a clear conclusion 
  • The document is presented in a concise, narrative format

3. Medical Billing Review

A medical billing review provides an itemized list of all allegation-related billing charges. The reviews can be as detailed or as simplified as needed depending on the matter.

Benefits of a medical billing review document in TBI cases

  • The review can assist with controlling legal spending with the TBI cases
  • The review can reduce costs associated with TBI cases
  • Ensures compliance with medical record documentation

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