Managing Mental Health Allegations in Product Liability Lawsuits

Recent product liability lawsuits have an increasing focus on mental health allegations. LMI’s experienced medical team shares key items to look for when reviewing medical records for mental health allegations.

Medical Record Review for Mental Health Allegations

Review varying medical record types

Review medical records including Primary Care, Pediatric, Psychologist/Psychiatrist visits, social work notes, and school counseling visits. These records will help provide valuable insight into the plaintiff’s story. 

Review medical testing documents and results

Review testing such as blood work or other imaging. By completing this step, you can begin to rule out other medical conditions, neuropsychological testing, etc. 

Identify signs and symptoms of mental illness

Possible mental illness signs and symptoms may include irritability, mood swings, feeling sad, excessive worry or fear, difficulty focusing, obsession/compulsions, withdrawal from family or activities, food restrictions, confusion, difficulty with schoolwork or employment, extreme weight changes, low energy, not sleeping.

Identify potential risk factors and alternative causation of mental health allegations

Identification of risk factors and potential alternative causations for mental health allegations including genetic predisposition, prior history of mental illness, alcohol and substance use, environmental conditions, stressful life situations (such as financial problems, divorce, etc.), traumatic brain injuries, infections, and other chronic diseases.  

Medical Record Review by Experienced Medical Professionals

With 40 years of experience, LMI transforms information and delivers insight through customized medical record review. Our expert medical team of RNs, RN/JDs, CLNCs, MDs, and Allied Health professionals focus on the specific needs of each client to achieve successful matter resolution.  

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Medical Analysis for Mental Health Allegations