Medical Record Review in Toxic Tort Cases

In toxic tort cases, plaintiffs claim various personal injury(s) and/or property damage(s) as the result of alleged exposure to toxic substances. Medical record review services provide valuable insight into plaintiff history, assisting the defense team in matter resolution.

Types of Medical Record Review Best Suited for Toxic Tort Cases



  • Timeline of medical visits in chronological order
  • Timeline displays all allegation-related medical and non-medical events 
  • Pertinent information is extracted from records and placed into customized formats 


  • Summary of identified exposures
  • Work history of the plaintiff
  • Alternative causes for injuries 
  • Pre-existing health conditions
  • Family history of the plaintiff 

Extensive chronologies and summaries can be tailored to your case needs. Nurse Analysts work to identify alternative causations in records that may have contributed to the alleged injuries.


Benefits of Medical Record Review in Toxic Tort Cases

  • Summary of exposures identified 
  • Other causes of injuries 
  • Pre-existing health conditions
  • Summary of all medical history 
  • Visit-by-visit information related to the alleged injuries 


Common Attributes of Medical Record Review in Toxic Tort Cases

  • Exposure dates of the alleged injury
  • Verification of plaintiff's demographics 
  • Exposure locations to verify plaintiff allegation(s) 


Examples of Data Reviewed by Nurse Analysts in Toxic Tort Cases

  • All medical records including office visits, hospitalizations, lab testing, radiology reports, and pharmaceuticals prescribed and/or taken
  • All legal documents provided 
  • Employment records
  • Social Security numbers 
  • Any/all testing performed 


How Does Medical Record Review Assist in Litigation?

  • Based on the records provided, a case is built to identify all possible causes for the alleged injury(s)
  • Paints a picture of the life of the plaintiff 
  • Provides comprehensive information for the defense team to use at trial or for settlement discussions


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