We are excited to officially announce a rebranding to reflect our company's progression from medical information management into a data and analytics resource for law firm and corporate clients. 

Elizabeth B. Juliano, Founder and CEO at LMI, said, “Legal teams are drowning in data, constantly searching for efficiencies and always pressed against a tight budget. To support those needs, LMI’s services have evolved from medical information to discovery support, litigation analytics, document management and custom hosted technology. We adapt to industry needs, client needs, and even to a single matter needs - we always have.”

Juliano adds, “We have organically grown a suite of solutions to serve the entire litigation lifecycle and manage the complexities of data that comes with it. With this launch, we are summarizing the customizations we’ve built over the last 35 years and delivering a start-to-end solution for discovery in complex litigation. At LMI, we put the success of our clients first in everything that we do. Our growth is a direct correlation of that mindset.”

The rebranding includes a comprehensive redesign of the company’s website, logo, and communications. LMI’s new brand style includes a bold, vibrant logo paired with a neat and simple website providing a go-to resource for the legal community.

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