LMI Unveils Tech-Enabled Medical Record Review Software

To celebrate a 40-year milestone, LMI announces the launch of a tech-enabled medical record review software for injury-related claims and litigation. 

Litigation Management, Inc. (LMI), a leading legal technology and analytics company, reaches a 40-year milestone and, to celebrate, announces the launch of LMI DataLens™, a tech-enabled medical record review software. The software is designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of medical record review in the resolution of injury-related claims and litigation. Law firms and in-house legal teams can experience an expedited approach to the review of medical records in how data is identified, organized, analyzed, and delivered.

“Since day one, LMI has been dedicated to helping clients achieve successful resolution in claims and litigation, innovation, and prioritizing the wellness and success of our staff. Throughout the last four decades, we have experienced remarkable growth, expanded our reach, and established ourselves as a trusted industry leader,” says Betsy Juliano, LMI’s Founder and Chairperson. “We are incredibly proud to celebrate this significant milestone of 40 years in business, but we are even more proud to continue delivering extraordinary services to our clients. As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence, we are thrilled to introduce our latest technological development, LMI DataLens™.” 

Sonya Virant, LMI’s CEO says, “This anniversary not only marks 40 years of growth and achievement but also serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work of our team. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we are thrilled to share this new software with the industry. LMI DataLens™ takes OCR technology to the next level. We understand our clients are often expected to do more with less. Our goal is to alleviate that strain by saving time and money while producing better outcomes.” 

LMI DataLens™ is centrally hosted by LMI. Pricing is customized based on the inventory of claims, litigation size, and complexity of data.  Experience powerful insights delivered through a user-friendly interface protected by advanced security features.

Enhanced Search for Discovery Files: Find Information Faster

  • LMI Analysts can search a file for specific terms and search across all uploaded files. 
  • Example search terms: type of injury, product use, provider names, and more. 

Custom File Organization & Management: User-Driven Preferences 
Users decide how records are organized.

-    By document type
-    By provider 
-    By date within or across providers
-    Chronological order
-    With/without duplicates 

Document Flagging
Documents with pages that do not contain OCR data such as handwritten notes can be flagged for manual review. 

Duplication Detection 
All uploaded records and pages can be de-duplicated, coded, highlighted, annotated, and shared.