Medical Record Management

LMI's Record Management division includes separate teams dedicated to Record Acquisition and Document Management. Both teams have extensive experience with various record types, including medical, tax, employment and education records. The teams employ a centralized approach and decisive investigative skills to provide a thorough and seamless record collection process.

The Record Acquisition team individualizes its collection approach to meet the requirements (and budgets) of each litigation, while ensuring only the most pertinent records are obtained. The record acquisition processes are streamlined to guarantee efficient and expeditious production of records. The Record Acquisition staff understands the importance of a methodical and complete record search. We work diligently to:

  • Identify and locate retired physicians
  • Actively follow-up on outstanding record requests
  • Continually update records for patients receiving ongoing treatment

The Document Management team handles all records received at LMI to make certain records are complete and relate to the patient at issue. The Document Management staff takes the following actions based on each litigation's needs: 

  • Certification of records to determine completeness
  • Code data elements, such as provider of treatment, record type, document type and date of treatment referenced on each page of the records
  • Review records for references to additional providers of care
  • Record de-duplication
  • Electronically sort records in chronological order
  • Secure, web-based delivery of records via LMISight®