Top 5 Product Liability, Mass Tort Litigation Blogs of 2023

As we say farewell to 2023 and look optimistically to the year ahead, it’s a great time to take a pause and reflect on lessons learned, recount accomplishments, and plan for new goals.  

We’ve gathered our most-read blogs of 2023 in hopes they can provide insight for your 2024 goal planning or serve as a quick resource as you navigate the complexities of multidistrict litigation. 

5 Blogs for Managing Product Liability, Mass Tort Litigation

1.) 7 Stages of Product Liability Litigation (Infographic)

An infographic displaying the seven lifecycle stages of a product liability matter. 

2.) Common Abbreviations in Multidistrict Litigation 

A list of the most used abbreviations in multidistrict litigation to serve as a resource. 

3.) Making Fact Sheets, Discovery & Document Management Work for You in Litigation

Review of plaintiff fact sheets, the discovery process, bellwether selection, and matter resolution.

4.) 5 Types of Medical Record Review for Litigation

The five most common types of medical record review documents and the benefits of each. 

5.) Effectively Using Census Registries in Multidistrict Litigation

Review of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) Draft Rule 16.1 and the differences between census registries and plaintiff fact sheets.  

5 Top Blogs for Managing Product Liability, Mass Tort Litigation